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About digital photo frames (DPF)

Already many people own a digital camera, however, just few decide to print the photos. Many people just store the photos on their computer. However, this is quite complicated for a big part of digital camera users. The digital photo frame (DPF) is a simple device, where the pictures can be displayed without much knowledge about computers. Therefore, a DPF is also appropriate for elderly users. Furthermore it is the perfect gift.

Before 2006, the DPF was just a niche product and appeared in professional stores. They were priced at a few hundred US Dollars retail price. In 2006, Chinese businesses headed into this field. As a result, the price dropped significantly. Now, DPF are a mass consumer product and affordable by almost everybody.

The DPF market is expected to boom in the next years and the market development may be similar with MP3 or DVD players. It is a must-have for every household.

Broadly DPF can be further divided into simple digital photo frames, which just display pictures and "multimedia" digital photo frames, which are also able to play music and videos. Some newer models even include an internal memory. Therefore, pictures can be stored on the DPF itself.

The basic function, a picture slideshow is offered by all DPF. Other common functions include the possibility to change the slideshow speed, picture rotation, or a zoom function. Multimedia DPF allow you to display your pictures with background music or just listen to music or watching videos.


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